tinnitus miracleTinnitus is a condition that manifests as a range of vague sounds in the ears that have no apparent source. The sounds can include ringing, buzzing, swishing, clicking, whistling or even banging. This condition affects thousands of people of any age but it is more prevalent in aged individuals.

Without a doubt, tinnitus is a highly discomforting condition. While it doesn’t pose any imminent threats to your health, it can disrupt your livelihood and work.

What’s worse, there’s no apparent cause of tinnitus but it has been linked to a number of things including foreign objects, injury to the head, heart problems that affect blood circulation, and more. As already mentioned, age is a key factor too.

There’s no known medication for this condition in the conventional medical world. The best hope you have is in natural solutions.

Natural Solution

If you’re suffering from tinnitus, your best chance is a natural solution. Tinnitus Miracle is a natural treatment solution that claims to eliminate strange sounds from your ears. Apparently, the guide offers a proven method for eliminating the root cause of the condition as well as symptoms that cause discomfort and irritation.

The guide is a product of Thomas Coleman, a holistic researcher and former sufferer of tinnitus. Coleman shares his experience with the condition and is in good position to offer treatment advice for tinnitus.

The gist of the guide is a 3-step formula that eases the symptoms within just seven days, according to self-claims of the guide. In addition, the author suggests that within a week of applying the 3-step formula, your general health will dramatically improve.

The Details

The guide is split into four parts:

The first part introduces key info about the treatment formula. It is here also that Coleman provides details about his experience with the condition and how he managed to get rid of it.

In the second part, Coleman explains in detail what tinnitus. It is important to understand the condition you’re suffering with before embarking on an effort to eliminate it. It is not mandatory to read this part but you will appreciate later parts if you have the details provided here.

The third part of the Tinnitus Miracle Program is the actual 3-step formula that gets rid of the ringing and buzzing in the ears. The formula is a holistic approach that seeks to improve the health of the whole body rather than simply eliminating symptoms in one part. This means that you can expect things such as detoxification diet plans as well as some lifestyle changes that boost your overall health.

The last part comprises appendices with resources for further reading.

The biggest benefit you get from using this solution is that it is 100% safe from side effects. Considering that you may re quire to use the solution for relatively long time, it is comforting to know that you are not exposed to any risks whatsoever.

This might be your best shot at treating tinnitus without resorting to chemicals or surgical intervention.

How is that you met a cute girl, exchanged numbers, and then when you got home, your fingers somehow slipped up and you couldn’t type the right words to catch her attention. Well, lots of guys out there go through the exact quagmire when trying to seduce women.

The truth is that if you slip up with your words, girls will suddenly vanish. Giving you her number doesn’t mean you’ve conquered. Rather, it is an opportunity for her to gauge whether you are worth giving any attention. That is why the first communication after meeting is important.

You need techniques that will make you stop pushing potential lovers away and start attracting them like a magnet. You need the Magnetic Messaging Program to transform you into a magnet of women.

The Secrets Behind the Techniques

magnetic messagingThis guide teaches you how to communicate with a girl in a way that instantly gets her attention and keeps her anxious for your next communication, all using your phone. It is chock-full of proven tips taught by some of the best brains in the attraction business – Bobby Rio and Rob Judge.

The guide is well laid out and easy to follow. Essentially, the guide explains the whole concept of the ‘phone game’ as it is dubbed by the authors. Your aim from reading this guide is to master the phone game techniques. Let’s look at part by part of what the guide offers:

Part 1 – Here you are introduced to the workings of the phone game. You learn exactly what to do during the various stages of meeting and wooing a girl – such as the initial meeting, the communication (text messaging), and then the date.

According to the authors, most men get it wrong at the communication part. This part demands seductive communication that is filled with emotion and humor.

Part 2 – In this part, you are introduced to slightly advanced techniques such as when to contact a girl after meeting and what exactly to tell her.

Bobby and Rob suggest that you should send a maximum of 2 texts and ten suggest a meet up. By this time, you should have sparked enough emotion in the previous part. You should also start to get really conversational but with some bounds.

Also, in this part you will learn some handy techniques for dealing with awkward replies such as the dreaded who is this. It’s in this part as well that you are introduced to the famous Keylock Sequence technique, a 3-text technique that apparently creates unimaginable attraction in her.

Part 3 – In this part, it is assumed that you are advancing to the dating stage. Thus, the authors suggest that you handle things a little differently. The focus here is to build a connection rather than just making her feel good about you. You need to build rapport though phone conversations, texting, and going on dates.

In all, this is one guide that you’ll constantly want to go back and consult every time you meet a new girl and feel kind of stuck in a rut about what to do.

If you are looking for a training system that gives real results and cuts out the talking, Turbulence Training might just be what you need. The program was created by Craig Ballantyne, a renowned fitness trainer and nutritionist. His philosophy on fat loss and building muscle favors short, intense resistance training over long and slow cardio sessions. Craig strongly advises against cardio training for fitness and weight loss, arguing that cardio creates a routine that the body easily adapts to, thus negating any initial gains.

In his program, Craig provides training techniques that both burn fat while building muscle while spending little time on training.

The Finer Details

turbulence trainingCraig’s workout program is designed to give accelerated fat loss and muscle gain. The workouts are short but intense, typically lasting 45 minutes only per session. In total, you train for a maximum of 3 hours a week. Craig’s approach seems to be gaining traction as it has been endorsed by a number of gurus in the fitness world.

Evidently, this program is not ideal for absolute beginners. The workouts are pretty intense and require high levels of commitment. The program is ideal for experienced people who have tried their hand at fitness training and are now looking for solid gains in a short time.

Less Is More

As already mentioned, Craig does not believe in spending hours and hours in the gym regardless of what your fitness goals are. He believes that with muscle building, less is more. Precisely speaking, Craig recommends that you make your workouts as short as possible.

For instance, all workouts in the program have a maximum of 8 reps per set. This philosophy seems to have credible scientific backing because it has been shown that you can burn more calories doing 8-rep sets compared to 12-rep sets. Thus, chances are good that your current workout regime is not giving you the results you ought to be getting. It’s no surprise that many fitness experts are adopting the less is more approach to training.

The Content

The program is split into two parts.

First is the exercise component that comprises all the workouts you need to do to lose fat and gain muscle. All the workouts are fully illustrated in the video component of the Turbulence Training Program. The best thing about Craig’s approach to working out is that he focuses on things that matter to ensure that you make the most out of your training.

The second part is the nutrition component that comprises all the diet info to go with the workout part. What makes this nutrition plan stand is that it is very flexible, allowing you to build your own plan based on the foods you want while still meeting the dietary requirements of the programs.

There are a bunch of bonus components that come with the main program although these may vary depending on when you make the purchase.

Craig’s fat loss and muscle building system has earned its credibility through results. If you seem to have ht a plateau with your current training system, it’s worth trying out Craig’s.

For most women, a relationship is like a puzzle because they don’t seem to be able to understand what their men want. To make things worse, many women do things that push a man further away instead of bringing him closer to open up. Truthfully, there are many things that men want but cannot openly say. Men generally have big egos and for something’s, they’d rather keep silent than talk about them and appear weak.

Fortunately, relationship experts now have a better understanding of what men really want in a relationship but don’t necessarily tell their women.

Relationship expert James Bauer explains some of those secrets in his popular guide What Men Secretly Want. James tells it from a man’s point of view so his guide is one of the most authoritative on the subject.

More Than Secrets

what men secretly wantThe title of the guide doesn’t do it justice because not only does James Bauer reveal men’s secrets but he also shares a series of proven techniques to make a man want you irresistibly. For obvious reasons, the exact details of those techniques cannot be revealed here. nonetheless, a general overview will give you a good picture of what John Bauer reveals.

First, James reminds you of a simple primal fact – men are naturally conquerors. No matter where a man grew up, he cannot escape from this primal fact. It is wired in his DNA. Thus, as a woman, you ought to make him feel like he is the conqueror he was created to be. It doesn’t mean that you become submissive to every one of his whims. It means that you let him take the lead sometimes. It means that you let him do the things that make him feel ‘the man’.

You will also learn the things that turn men away. For instance, a man will literally not listen to you when you talk to him a certain way. While he may not tell you, he will keep to himself in frustration.

There are many ‘dangerous’ phrases and words that women use unknowingly. These words can kill a man’s desire for you in an instant. John Bauer reveals in What Men Secretly Want Program that some of these words and how you can avoid them especially when you are already in a relationship. You will learn how to talk to a man in a way that always excites him and he will always want you near him.

John also reveals a 2-minute attraction technique that apparently is more potent than body language and makes a man irresistibly attracted to you.

There’s a lot more you learn from this guide such as how to easily meet good men, how to attract the man you want, and how to make him commit, and many others. Once you’ve gone through all the tips, tricks and techniques, you will never love men the same way you’ve been loving. John Bauer changes your whole perspective of men. You will make men want you rather than you being the needy one.

Are you looking for ways to lighten your skin? Skin Whitening Forever Program by Eden Diaz is the answer to your problem. The self-help digital guide offers all the info you need to make your skin complexion fairer and lighter. It utilizes only natural ingredients so it is safe for long term use.

The guide comprises many parts that make up a complete home based skin treatment system. It shows you how to make a natural skin lightening concoction using everyday ingredients that you can buy from a grocery store.

The holistic approach used by Eden means that you not only target the skin but your whole body too. Eden provides a method that is aimed at transforming your health. It works on the skin from the inside out so the results are permanent.

What’s Contained In the System?

skin whitening foreverEden Diaz’s system comprises a step-by-step method of how to make a natural concoction that lightens the skin. You can then apply the concoction several times a day for as long as you want. It uses all natural ingredients, some of which are made from food.

The best thing is that every skin type is catered for. There are various homemade skin whitening concoctions provided in the guide. You will learn how to determine your skin type before choosing the appropriate solution.

Eden discourages the use of harsh chemicals that can lead to undesirable effects. While chemicals can give dramatic results in a short period of time, they have negative long term effects on your skin.

Eden Diaz developed this guide out of frustration with chemically based products. As a dermatologist, Diaz was regularly consulted on the best ways to whiten skin. Many of her clients complained about chemical based solutions especially due to the fact that they wanted something they would use for a long time.

From then, Eden became interested in alternative solutions for skin whitening and this product was the culmination of her intensive research after a long time.

The Diet Factor

Eden’s system uses a two pronged approach to give maximum results. On the skin surface, the concoctions mentioned above work their magic to whiten and soften your skin while on the inside, the special diet plan works to detoxify your body and skin to give you a glowing complexion.

They say that you are what you eat and this is very true of skin complexion. If you consume junk, your skin will be equally junk. Eden Diaz devised a special nutritional plan that rids your body of impurities and toxins. Once your body is cleansed, it will show on the skin.

One of the best things about this solution is that it also helps to clear other skin ailments such as pale patches, spots, itchy skin, and uneven skin tone, among others. Ordinarily, you’d have to pay for chemical creams to clear but this all-in-one solution offers more than just skin whitening. There are not many products out there that can compare to Eden Diaz’s solution.

Herpes is a common viral infection transmitted through physical contact. According to the CDC, more than 250,000 people become infected with herpes every year. Unfortunately, a definite cure for the infection has not been developed yet by the medical world. However, you can manage and treat herpes using home care solutions along with basic precautions to prevent it from spreading further.

Before you go out to seek for herpes treatment, you should know what herpes is.

What Is Herpes?

get rid of herpesHerpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 or 2 (HSV-1 or HSV-2). If you’re infected with HSV-1, you’re more likely to develop outbreaks of oral herpes characterized by small, itchy blisters around the mouth that scab over. Sometimes they may disappear on their own after several weeks but that doesn’t mean that the infection has healed.

If you’re infected with HSV-2, the symptoms manifest around your genitals and buttocks. Typical symptoms include small itchy blisters that sometimes appear like a rash, red or raw skin around the affected area, discomfort when urinating, fever, body and joint pain, and other flu-like symptoms, among others.

Most people never realize that they have HSV until they get their first outbreak and do a proper test. The virus remains dormant in the body for the most part of an infected person’s life. Occasionally, you will get outbreaks when there is a trigger, such as lowered immunity or stress.

Managing Herpes Naturally

The good news is that you can manage herpes naturally. While there are medicinal drugs that can help you ease on the pain and discomfort of the symptoms, they don’t actually eliminate the underlying infection.

Alternative solutions have shown a lot of hope in the recent past and many people are abandoning medicinal drugs in favor of alternative medicines.

Alternative remedies mostly comprise natural solutions such as herbs, dieting, special formulations made from natural ingredients, and the like. They are safe and relatively cheaper than conventional treatments. Moreover, some are claimed to be able to eliminate the virus completely from your body.

For instance, Get Rid of Herpes Program is a homemade treatment solution for herpes that is claimed to be able to eliminate herpes completely from the body. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating your own homemade solution using simple ingredients. It also provides diet and lifestyle guidelines to help boost your immunity and reduce stress levels so as to avoid herpes outbreaks.

Generally, the guide offers ways to control outbreaks while helping to augment your immunity. The simple lifestyle guidelines help you to manage any outbreaks the proper way. Most importantly, you need to ensure that you don’t spread the infection to other people you come into physical contact with.

This solution also aims at minimizing the number of outbreaks you get. If you get regular herpes outbreaks that total to more than 5 times a year, you can reduce them up to one minor outbreak a year using this natural homemade solution.

Most of us know that you can shed a few pounds of excess fat through exercise. You also probably know that exercise can boost your metabolism. What you might not know is that the food you eat has direct influence on your metabolism and ultimately your weight. Food is much more than what you eat; how you prepare it matters too.

The majority of diet guides out there do not address this important aspect of weight loss. This was one of the motivations for creating Metabolic Cooking guide by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. It is the most complete guide that covers the food preparation aspect of dieting.

Weight Loss Cooking

metabolic cookingKarine and Dave’s Metabolic Cooking Program comprises a set of 9 components designed to teach you proven secrets of weight loss cooking. Yes, this cookbook will show you how to lose weight by cooking and eating healthy. Since weight loss is 80% about food, it’s easy to see why this guide is important for every weight watcher.

This guide is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight but struggling with their diet. It doesn’t show you how to work out but provides all the diet info you need to lose weight successfully.

The guide is divided into two main parts:

The Fat Loss Optimizer comprises tips on how to make the most of a healthy diet routine to lose weight. This part is pretty straight forward and many things here aren’t so new but they are well organized and, most importantly, they are actionable tips.

The second part is larger as it provides all the details about the various recipes and step-by-step instructions for preparing the healthy recipes. You’ll find recipes for a range of healthy dishes and foods.

Countless Recipes

As already said, there are more than 250 different recipes. As you peruse through the cookbooks, you soon notice that all recipes were designed to be simple to prepare. They are short and fun to make so not only do you enjoy delicious healthy meals but also have fun doing so.

Karine and Dave performed painstaking trial and error to perfect every recipe in the guide, ensuring that each one of them is nutrient-laden. There are some rare exotic ingredients included too that are proven to burn fat. For sweetening purposes, Karine uses the natural sweetener Stevia. This is in line with the author’s aim to offer recipes that are as close to natural as possible. It also means that these recipes work well for diabetics who have to watch their sugar intake.

The guide also comes with a nutria-profile system that helps you to easily select recipes that make a healthy balanced meal. All recipes are designed to accelerate fat loss so regardless of what you chose, you get the desired results.

With a diverse collection of recipes offered in this guide, everyone is catered for no matter what your tastes in food are.

This cookbook is an intuitive take of weight loss nutrition that introduces a new aspect of weight loss you’ve never seen.

Have you ever wished that you’d train for the body you desired and not just train to bulk up or slim down? Many fitness programs out there focus on weight loss and forget to address an important part of the fitness equation – physique. Fact is most men train for physique and not just to achieve weight loss or pure fitness goals.

If you’re looking to tone up and build some attractive physique, look no further than John Barban’s Adonis Golden Ratio Program. Designed exclusively for men, this system provides proven body sculpting techniques to help you achieve the ultimate male physique that every man craves.

A Unique Workout Methodology

adonis golden ratioTraditional fitness programs typically offer a one-size fits all solution where you follow a generalized workout regime along with a generic nutrition plan. Not so for John Barban’s system as it takes fitness training to a whole new level with a unique personalized approach to working out.

In this system, John Barban employs a unique concept that compares your shoulder to waist ratio in order to generate a workout regime that will sculpt your body to achieve the best physique for your body can manage.

In other words, John’s system provides a way to describe a male body in ratios. The system provides tools to proportionate your physique. The focus of male physique sculpting is the ratio of shoulder to waist size and this is the basis of this system or as the author calls it – the Adonis ratio. So by using this system, you’re striving to achieve your Adonis ratio.

The Greek god of beauty Adonis is the inspiration and theme of this system. If you aspire to achieve an attractive physique, you must strive to equal Adonis and this system has all the tips and techniques to achieve that.

How the Adonis Ratio Works

The premise for achieving the Adonis ratio is that the genetic makeup of every male is the same and has the capability to achieve the Adonis ratio. However, this is only possible with the right training techniques and nutrition plan.

To use the system, you have to first determine your Adonis Index. This is done automatically by a software program after you provide your measurements for the waist and shoulders. There are instructions on how to get these measurements.

Once your Adonis Index is obtained, it is compared to the ideal Adonis ratio to determine ‘how far’ you are from the ideal.

The workout mini-guide makes the first part of the system and comprises a 12-week training regimen comprising proven workouts that will transform your physique into the best your body can achieve.

The second part is the nutritional component of the system. It is as important as the workout regimen. In fact, it is more important than the workout manual because it provides the nutrients that fuel the real muscle growth.

The final part is about supplementation. Many users find it hard to meet the minimum nutritional requirements for this system, so supplementation is the way to go.

In all, this system is truly unique and a must try for any man who wants real body transformation beyond weight loss.

Getting your ex back can be a roller coaster experience filled with all sorts of emotion. You never know what to expect so you’re always on the edge. However, unknown to most people, the feelings are usually mutual, meaning that your ex may be having feelings of attraction for you. The only way to know this is to gauge the way they respond to your gestures.

A lot of people repeatedly make mistakes when trying to lure back their ex partners. This is why it is important to have a solid plan before embarking in this treacherous adventure. With solid plan, you will have a sense of direction and you’ll have something to look forward to whenever you feel demoralized.

Get Your Ex Back By Texting

text your ex backText Your Ex Back is a relationship recovery plan that provides a sense of direction and eliminates all the confusion in trying to lure back a lover. It is a product of Michael Fiore, a guru of the texting game in relationship recovery.

The plan offers powerful texting tips that you can use to attract your ex back into your life. The plan also shows you how to avoid some common deadly mistakes that many people make out of desperation to get back with their partners.

The techniques in the Text Your Ex Back Program are especially ideal after a lengthy no contact period. According to the author, this is when most people are likely to screw up. If, after a while without communicating, you confront your ex verbally, it may be hard to control your emotions.

However, text messaging helps you take charge of your words, what you have to say, and how you say it. Text messaging prevents the dreaded face-to-face confrontation that often breeds unwanted consequences.

How Texting Works In a Relationship Situation

The texting plan offered by Michael Fiore is pretty detailed in execution strategy. It shows you how to plan for an opportune moment to start sending messages. All this detailed planning may seem trivial but it’s extremely important. After a month or so without communicating, your first text to your ex ought to have substance and should cause her to think about what they’re missing.

Michael uses a clever strategy to invoke feelings of longing in your ex. He suggests that you start with texts that remind your ex of the good old days, the sacred moments that you both cherish. Doing this is a double edged sword because it gets your ex to recall the good memories of your past relationship yet it doesn’t make you appear needy.

But don’t get things wrong, getting your ex back can be much more complicated than sending flashback texts of your past relationship. As we saw earlier, flashback texts are just the start; they’re meant to break the ice after a long silence and that’s why they’re crucial.

But once you’ve got a positive response, you can move onto the next stages of augmenting your re-union using safe and effective messaging techniques.

If you’ve been looking for ways to become a better lover and be more adorable to your man, you’re in luck. Claire Casey and Michael Fiore teamed up to bring you the incredible Capture His Heart Program, a relationship system designed for women all over the world. The system provides solutions to common relationship obstacles that most women face in a relationship. The system also works for single women who are not currently dating by offering proven tips that can attract a man and make him fall deeply in love.

The Inner Workings

capture his heartThe system we’re discussing here is a product of careful thought and research by two distinguished relationship experts. The core of the system deals with helping you understand how a man’s mind works when he relates to a woman he loves or attracted to.

Here are some notable highlights of what you will learn:

  • How to use emotions to make a man fall deeper in love with you rather than push them away like most women do.
  • How to project confidence when you’re with a man. Almost every man wants a woman who is self-assured and confident with herself.
  • The real reasons why some men are commitment phobic. This is a topic of interest for many women and one you must pay attention to. The authors dismiss a couple of myths you probably know and some may not even surprise you.
  • Learn what most men want from women yet they rarely get. This alone will transform the way you relate to your man in ways you never thought were possible.
  • Learn what men really want when relating with you. You’ll be surprised to learn that these are simple things that you usually take for granted. In most cases, men become distant because their expectations are not met. Find out what they really expect from you in a relationship.

The info provided in this guide may seem manipulative, but the truth is that there’s nothing manipulative about making a man only have eyes for you.

All the tips provided are psychologically verifiable. The best part is that not only do you get valuable tips on how to attract a man but also get materials to help you apply the tips and measure your success as you go along.

The guide doesn’t suggest that you pursue a man (although that wouldn’t be bad too), but rather it shows you how to make it such that he thinks that he’s the one doing the real chasing. In reality, he will do the chasing: all you do is plant a seed in the right place in his mind. If he makes a decision to commit, it will be entirely of his own accord.

There are lots of other tricks that this system shares. Best of all, any woman can use this info and achieve full happiness in their relationship regardless of background, where you stay, or how long you’ve known the man.

The Venus Factor system is a fat loss system designed with the female body in mind. Many experts rightly claim that women find I harder to shed excess fat compared to men, although this doesn’t mean that fat loss is a walk in the park for men.

This program was designed to address the unique feminine aspects of a woman that may hinder smooth weight loss. In addition to fat loss, the program offers a strategy to tone your body so as to achieve that enviable beach body that every woman craves.

What Is Contained In The System?

venus factorThis fat loss program is rare for many reasons, least of which is that it is a female-only program. It is a 2-in-one guide comprising a nutrition system and a weight loss manual.

There’s a 101 fast track manual that helps you quickly get started with the program but if you want to get to the meat of the program, jump right into the main weight loss manual.

The main weight loss system comprises 179 pages, which is pretty big considering that most people want to get on with the weight loss strategy right away rather than read a novel. That said, the background info provided in the manual is quite useful. Through this info, you will learn how to determine your Venus Index ratio. This will determine whether you need to lose or gain weight in order to achieve your desired fitness goal. The bigger part of the main manual ( about 100 pages) comprises a variety of meal plans to complement the weight loss training.

There’s also a Virtual Nutritionist component, a software app where you enter your weight and height details and it returns suggestions for your ideal body measurements.

Then there’s the workout manual that’s pretty self-explanatory – it contains a set of weight loss workouts to transform your body through sustained fat loss and muscle toning. The workouts last 12 weeks and mainly comprise resistance training to give maximum fat loss results.

The workout period is split into 3 phases of 4 weeks each. You do a different workout in each phase. All the workouts you have to do are clearly elaborated in pictorial explanations and instructional videos.

You also have access to a host of other complimentary material that helps you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

The Perfect Feminine Body

The beauty with the Venus Factor Program is that you shoot two birds with one stone – that is, you lose excess fat and also tone up your body to achieve the perfect feminine body that all women (and men of course) love. The workouts are properly balanced between weight lifting and body sculpting strength exercises. You only train 3 times a week, which is very attainable and realistic.

The ultimate goal is to sculpt your muscles to achieve a bikini body. You will watch your progress as you train until the whole transformation is complete.

Finally, you get to exchange ideas with hundreds of other women chasing the same goal as you are so it’s really a great source of motivation.

Keeping fit and maintaining a lean body is a difficult endeavor at any age but more so when you start aging. As if that’s not bad enough, there are countless fitness programs on the Internet that promise magical results yet they never deliver. So it’s important that you get the right info to guide you on your journey to ultimate fitness when you hit 35 and above.

The Old School New Body Program was designed specifically to address fitness for old people who are close to 40 years of age. Created by prominent fitness couple Steve and Becky Holman, this fitness system is one of a kind in the way it approaches fitness.

old school new bodyIt does not promise you weight loss results overnight and doesn’t make any unrealistic assumptions about your health. Rather, it offers a proven strategy for shedding excess fat in a way that your body can handle.

Secondly, the system doesn’t force you to abandon your favorite foods. You don’t need to starve to lose weight. All you’ll be asked to do is alter some of your diet choices.

Finally, this system doesn’t advocate for long exercise sessions in the gym. You may also like to k now that this product wasn’t born out of mere luck as many others on the Internet. It is a carefully designed fitness system created by two fitness aficionados who wanted to age gracefully and always be in charge of their health and fitness.

What Do You Learn In The System?

In a nutshell, you will learn how to train and eat for health and fitness as people approaching 40 years ought to. The workout system – dubbed the FX4 system – comprises 3 training phases with specific goals.

The Lean Workouts phase comprises moderate workouts designed to help you become lean. This is the phase where you shed the largest amount of excess fat.

The FX4 Shape phase comprises shape workouts designed to help you tone up. The workouts are designed to help you add some bit of muscle so you can achieve the shape you desire. This phase is also slightly more intensive than the previous one but you still workout no more than 3 hours a week.

The FX4 Build phase is the last one and comprises build workouts designed to help you gain huge muscles. This is for you if you want maximum physique and mass. The workouts will not give you that overblown look but you’ll gain visibly huge muscle mass.

The three training phases are independent of each other and only the first one is compulsory for every program user. The second and third phases are optional.

Besides the FX4 workout system, the program offers advice on a wide variety of other health topics including dieting, anti-aging solutions, sex and vigor, faster fat loss, health issues related to aging, and many more.

It is a complete health program that helps you age with minimal issues. There are no outrageous promises and everything seems to be a result of careful thought and research.

Losing fat is universally acknowledged as a herculean task yet the basics are pretty simple – burn more calories than you consume. It turns out that there are many other things that you must get right in order to achieve your fat loss goals. Without proper guidance, you’re almost always guaranteed to fail.

Enter Fat Loss Factor, a professionally designed weight loss program that makes it easy to lose excess fat. If you’ve been struggling to lose fat for whatever reason, this system is a good place to start once again.

Based on a well planned combination of diet and a workout regime, the system provides a host of components to help you with goal-setting, motivation, and stress management, all of which can hinder your efforts and keep you off track.

Four Fat Loss Levels

fat loss factorWhen you take up this system, you have up to four levels to follow depending on your current fitness level. The Beginner level is the general entry level for users who have never tried to lose weight.

The Intermediate level is the second and is ideal for those that have some introductory experience in fitness training.

The Rapid Weight Loss level is somewhat advanced and intense. It is ideal for people who were previously training with another program and now are looking for accelerated results.

Finally the extreme weight loss level is for people with considerable experience but want to take things up a notch and lose more weight rapidly.

You can also take it one stage at a time, starting out at the beginner level and advancing through the stages until you’ve gained enough experience and fitness to take on the more extreme advanced levels.

12 Weeks of Fat Loss

The whole Fat Loss Factor Program lasts 12 weeks. The first two weeks are reserved for a thorough body detoxification and nothing else. The main goal here is to eliminate toxins, boost the immune system, shed excess fat, enhance your sleep, and break any food craving and other ties you may have with food.

The detox phase (as it is commonly called) comprises a purely organic diet with only natural fresh foods, mostly fruits, vegetables, ray seeds and nuts, legumes, olive and coconut oils, and natural spring water.

This phase doesn’t include any exercise besides a simple daily 60-minute walk out doors not on the treadmill. If started with the 3rd or 4th level, you include an extra 3 days of the Master Cleanse.

The second phase of the program mainly comprises the Lifestyle Un-diet system. Essentially, this entire section comprises diet guidelines that complement your exercise regime. The highlights include:

  • Consume most of your daily calorie intake in the morning.
  • Eat smaller meals frequently.
  • Every meal should include some raw food.
  • Have a treat once a week.
  • Drink a lot of water.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’re expected to have achieved your goals. If not, you should evaluate your entire process and start all over from the start, preferable at a different level.

A herpes infection can cause a lot of distress and stigma to the sufferer. Moreover, conventional treatment is largely ineffective, if only temporary. As if that’s not bad enough, the majority of conventional medications used to treat herpes cause more harm than good because the chemicals used to manufacture them can cause side effects.

For this reason, alternative treatment solutions offer a safer and generally better option.

What Is Herpes?

ultimate herpes protocolHerpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It spreads through physical contact from an infected person to the new victim. There are two common strains of HSV associated with herpes – HSV-1 and HSV-2.

HSV-1 is mainly associated with oral herpes whereas HSV-2 is thought to be the main cause of gen ital herpes. Oral herpes is also known as cold sores in some cases and manifests as sores around the lips, along with other symptoms such as sore throat, fever, and neck pain, among others.

Genital herpes is also very common and spreads through sexual intercourse with an infected person. It manifests as a rash or blisters around the genitals and can be itchy and distressing.

According to medical sources, the HSV stays in the body forever once contracted and cannot be eliminated using traditional medications. That said, the virus can be contained so that it doesn’t cause symptoms. In any case, the virus stays dormant in the body for the most part and only causes outbreaks a few random times, usually when your immunity is compromised.

The severity of symptoms varies from one person to another but generally, most people find herpes outbreaks very discomforting, not to mention the social stigma attached to the infection.

Alternative Treatment Solutions

As we’ve earlier said, traditional herpes treatments offer little help in eliminating the virus. As such, various alternative treatments have been devised.

One such solution is the Ultimate Herpes Protocol Program, a natural treatment formula for herpes. Created by Melanie Addington, this solution is available as a downloadable eBook manual that offers an innovative approach to eliminating herpes.

Melanie Addington’s solution performs better when compared to similar products. The fact that the author is a former herpes sufferer says a lot about the quality of the solution. Essentially, the author shares the same treatment approach that she used to treat her own herpes infection.

Melanie’s herpes solution works by providing practical steps to boost your immune system both through nutrition and simple lifestyle changes. There’s a lot of background info about the infection but it is laid out in a simple format that’s easy to understand, unlike many other guides that read like technical medical journals.

No matter where you live, you can use this solution to eliminate herpes with ease. The best part is that it is 100% because there are no chemicals used. Everything is natural and easy to obtain.

Overall, Melanie Addington’s natural solution for herpes is considered as one of the best alternative treatments for herpes at the moment. If you want to try a natural herpes treatment solution, this should be your first choice.

Are you looking for ways to boost your bust naturally? You’re in luck because Jenny Bolton’s Boost Your Bust Program was created to do just that – help you grow bigger boobs naturally. Jenny Bolton shows you how to make your boobs bigger without surgery or pills. Jenny shares the same secret she used to grow her cup size.

So What’s The Secret?

boost your bustThe truth is that it is no secret at all. Everything that Jenny reveals is out there for you to try but she does a great job of organizing it into a manageable program. Of course, the core of the program is exercise. This is what actually makes your breasts sit slightly higher and more balanced on the chest.

The breast boosting exercises recommended in the program work the chest and upper back muscles because this is the support base of our breasts. This is what makes your breasts stand out firmly on the chest.

After exercise, the next secret revealed is diet. Like exercise, this is something you’ve probably been hearing a lot so it’s not really new. The difference is that Jenny shares only those foods that boost estrogen production in the body. this ‘wonder’ feminine hormone is one of the hormones that lead to growth and shapely curves in a female.

Obviously, it’s a wonderful thing to get the breast enhancement nutrients from natural food, but most of you will agree that it is hard to keep up with the daily requirements when you’re relying solely on dietary sources. Jenny Bolton was well aware of this so she included a natural supplement that can help you ramp up the required amount of daily nutrients for breast enhancement. The best thing about this supplement is that it is easy to get in large quantities from local grocery shops.

These two are the main secrets to increasing the size of your bust but the guide contains loads of interesting info.

Should You Trust This Guide?

As already said, Jenny Bolton reveals the secrets she used to grow her cup size from B to C. She affirms that the method worked for her fine and if you follow it correctly, you will grow your cup size too.

It is all natural and based on mainly specially designed chest exercises, diet, and a natural supplement. However, it’s ultimately going to be you to find out whether the secrets revealed work. You need to try out the product and stick to it for at least 8 weeks.

Some users talk about seeing results in as little as two weeks, but bear in mind that every person’s body may react differently to exercise and diet, not to mention dietary supplements.


We must make one point thoroughly clear here: there’s no magical solution to growing bigger breasts. This natural solution explained here takes a bit of time to work but there are strong reasons to believe that it does work. If you want to grow a bigger bust, you should certainly try it out.

Growing taller is doubtless every short person’s dream. Let’s face it, being short can put you at a big disadvantage when it comes to socializing. But it doesn’t stop in social circles, being shorter than average also makes you less desirable for job opportunities. This is something that all short people know and grapple with on a daily basis. In fact, many of them would give anything to change their situation, which is basically to grow taller.

The good news is that you can definitely do something about your height and change your destiny. The popular Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program provides a compelling solution for enhancing height, regardless of age. Due to the popularity it has garnered on the Internet, this program has become the subject of strong scrutiny from curious people who want to know whether its claims are true.

By and large, the program stands up to all tests that it has been subjected to. Let’s see how it works in the next section.

How Does The Natural Height Enhancement Program Work?

grow taller 4 idiotsThis particular system works by boosting the human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. HGH is the hormone that helps you grow during puberty – basically it is the hormone behind the size changes you experience at puberty. According to the author, when HGH is produced in the right amounts and favorable conditions, growth can occur, leading to height increase.

The approaches used to boost HGH include:

Physical Exercise: This is the core of the program and comprises specially designed workouts that boost growth. The exercises mostly target the spine because it influences your posture.

You start off with simple exercises and as you progress, the level of difficulty increases but overall remains manageable. The exercises are designed for both novices and advanced trainers.

Nutrition and Diet: After physical exercise, the second approach is pretty obvious – nutrition. Rather than provide a generalized healthy diet, the program offers a diet that’s mainly based around specific foods known to boost HGH production in the body. According to the author, the carefully selected nutrients combined with the specially designed workouts result in accelerated growth results. Overall, a healthy diet is still important and should not be entirely substituted for a specialized diet.

Resting: The third component is rest, which may come off as surprising to some people. The fact is there’s a wealth of scientific proof showing that adequate rest has a huge impact on your rest and on your body’s ability to grow. And when you’re working out for height, rest is even more important to achieve the desired results.

In the program, the author provides tips for achieving good rest periods at night, which basically entail quality sleep for at least 8 hours.


Based on the above approach, it’s easy to see why this program offers a compelling height enhancement solution. It’s wholly natural and it is based on verifiable scientific facts.

This program is worth a try for those seeking to enhance their height. It is claimed that results begin showing within 8 weeks, which is still within the money back guarantee period of 60 days.

Every straight man out there wants to be able to attract gorgeous women with ease yet this is one of the hardest things in a man’s life. It’s strange that the desire to attract gorgeous women is a primal instinct wired into a man’s DNA yet it is a scary thought at the same time.

A lot of men end up in a woman’s friend zone because they don’t know what to do to arouse attraction in the object of their desire. Thankfully, there are proven attraction gurus to guide you on this dreaded road of wooing girls.

Learn From the Pros

If you want to learn how to attract women with ease, then you probably want to learn from someone who knows this game inside out. Jason Capital is one of the top attraction gurus in the industry and the author of the Make Women Want You Program, an attraction manual for men. In this manual, Jason offers killer attraction tips that can turn any man into the ultimate alpha male that women long for.

In his guide, Jason demonstrates a series of killer tips and techniques to seduce, attract, and date women. Jason focuses on attraction but also offers a few pointers for taking things up a notch for those who may be interested in long-term things.

What Techniques Do You Learn?

make women want youThere are many proven attraction techniques in Jason’s guide and obviously we cannot explain each one of them in detail. Nonetheless, we’ll look at some highlights in a broader nature.

One of the first techniques that Jason teaches is how to be a man when approaching women. Jason shows you how to establish your masculine edge and how to use it to attract any woman you want.

Another technique has to do with conversational style. In particular, Jason teaches you how to be seductive using your conversation style. This is an important technique because conversation is the heart of the whole attraction game. It is what you use to make a woman laugh and also what you use to seduce her.

Another powerful technique that Jason teaches is how to use body language to build attraction. Body language also goes a long way to building sexual attraction in a woman if you know what to do. Even if you think you know, you’ll be surprised by what you learn.

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, Jason teaches advanced attraction tips that will literally melt her heart. These are powerful mind hacks that you’ve never heard about before.

Regardless of what you know (or don’t know), Jason assumes zero knowledge and takes you step-by-step through the entire attraction process. You start with the basics and then move to advanced techniques. What’s more, there are many real-life examples included in the manual for you to practice some of the techniques in real life.

In all, Jason Capital delivers on his promise and offers even more. You will never be the same man again after learning his seduction techniques.

Are you at a stage in your relationship where you feel all the romance has fizzled out? Fret not as you’re not alone. In fact, it is perfectly normal for a relationship to stagnate at some point whether it is due to problems or simply a lack of romance. In either case, it is a matter of getting your ex back and requires some bit of forethought to succeed.

The Case for Text Messaging

text the romance backMany relationship coaches are now advocating text messaging as the primary means of communication when trying to repair a relationship and there are good reasons for this. For instance, Michael Fiore, author of the popular Text The Romance Back Program, claims that you are more likely to receive positive responses from an estranged partner if you use text messaging.

Another case for text messaging is that it increases intimacy in a relationship. This is exactly what you need when you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

In addition, mobile phones have become too ubiquitous now that it makes more sense to use texting to communicate since almost every person has a mobile phone.

If you are a man and are trying to fix your relationship, you’re in luck with text messaging because women love it. Many are naturally expressive and like to communicate using whatever means is at their disposal. Now that we’re in the age of text messaging using various tools, it makes sense to try and win back her heart using text messaging.

How Does Text Messaging Work To Restore Romance?

Michael Fiore’s guide is based around a unique messaging formula that works by arousing feelings of longing and attraction in your distant partner. In addition, there are lots of other texting tips and tricks to help you re-ignite the spark in your relationship.

The system is split into four modules:

The Crib Sheet is the first module and it’s basically an overview of the system. This module gives you a good understanding of the system and what to expecting without reading the verbose part in the main manual.

The next module is the Main Manual and it basically comprises the meat of the system. Here you find the details of the techniques advanced by Michael Fiore. They are elaborated in a step-by-step format that’s easy to follow and understand.

The third module comprises a FAQ sheet that’s essentially made up of key questions by users and answers by Michael about pertinent issues of the system.

The last module is a worksheet that apparently shows you how to love yourself so that you develop the confidence to succeed in your relationships.

Should You Trust a Texting System To Fix Your Relationship?

Michael Fiore has been offering relationship advice for a long time now and he asserts that his techniques are based on the experienced he’s acquired during that time.

The fact that his system is a best seller also goes to show the amount of trust that users have in him. Based on these facts, it’s safe to say that you can trust this new age system to offer solid tips for relationship healing.

There are quite a number of survival systems out there. Basically, these systems offer tips and tricks to help you and your family prepare for disasters predicted to happen in the near future. Question is, are they worth your time?

Prominent among them is the Family Survival System Program created by frank Mitchell. In the system, Frank predicts that the next financial disaster is just around the corner and is poised to be bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Frank says that this looming disaster will have untold ripple effects in every part of life, be it social, economic, health, and more. He makes a strong case for his predictions and claims that only those families who heed his call for prepping will survive.

So should you believe this or should you throw caution to the wind and live for today?

It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Prepared

family survival systemPrLet’s face it, Frank Mitchell makes some serious claims of a looming financial disaster that shouldn’t go unscrutinized. At some point, it all sounds like another prophecy of doom that is nothing more than a bad dream.

However, Frank is a veteran of the US Armed forces and has been in various corners of the world on war missions. He has seen countries crumble at the stroke of a gun. He has witnessed entire families being wiped out by famine and war. He has endured some of the direst hardships in far corners of the world. He has seen how political decisions can lead to desperation and lunacy.

Based on this background, we cannot easily dismiss Frank’s predictions. Truthfully, they might sound like bad prophecies designed to scare people, but it doesn’t hurt to take heed and follow his prepping tips.

Fact is, the situation around the world isn’t looking so rosy so Frank’s tips may still apply in the current situation even without any disasters.

Think about this: America owes billions of dollars in debt to foreign countries and financial entities. The current political landscape doesn’t offer any solid strategy to address this dilemma. What’s worse, there’s little hope that future governments will adequately address this debt debacle and yet it will keep growing bigger.

This scenario clearly shows that the current financial outlook is a disaster waiting to happen. It is no longer a matter of if but when.

Proposed Measures

Frank Mitchell proposes a number of prepping tips that will supposedly safe guard your family from the effects of a financial disaster. The tips are provided as checklists in each section of the guide. They are actionable tips that you’re required to complete and then check off on the appropriate checklist. At the end of the guide, it is presumed that you will be fully prepared and safeguarded in case of a major eventuality.

It’s worth noting that nothing can make you 100% safe from a sweeping disaster, but Frank Mitchell’s prepping tips offer a good start. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose even if it eventually turns out other wise.